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April 16, 2013
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Found you by GT-Ridel Found you by GT-Ridel
Another work doodle. Dunno the story yet, as usual, sooo, just have a couple of tinies playing a not so difficult game of hide and seek in the grass and junk. :V

(I'll be meeting with my brother tonight to go over the four drawings he commissioned, in case y'all were wondering what ever happened to those. >__<)


These creatures are called Sparks. Though some have builds that look more feminine or masculine to us, they are actually not equipped to mate.

They don’t have many natural predators, which is just as well, as they reproduce very rarely. (Yes, they reproduce asexually, and only once, if ever.)

They do tend to form intense emotional bonds with each other, and will travel in “families” consisting of anywhere from two to six members, usually comprised of other sparks met during travels who form a bond with one or more members of the existing group.

They may look small and fragile, but they are actually incredibly resilient. They can also regulate the amount of heat/light they produce to a certain extent. They will flair brightly to startle predators and escape, however, if worse comes to worse, they will go so far as to continuously burn their brightest, seriously scarring the creature attacking them. This is an incredibly exhausting strategy, and thus only used as a last resort.
They are not made of fire and thus can survive in water as easily as any human.

Sparks are very curious creatures and are nomadic for the most part.
They age exceptionally slowly, so it’s a little rare to find one that really looks old.

The only real threat they have as a species is man. Sparks can be quite innocent, curious and gullible, which an enterprising human could use to their benefit if they so wanted. However, there are so few Sparks, that in all honesty, most humans will never even see one. However, those who have, know them better as Will-o-the-wisps.
Friendlyfoxpal Apr 16, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
awww this is cute. >w< looks like it would be a fairly easy game for both of them since they stand out easily from the trees, and plants.
GT-Ridel Apr 16, 2013  Hobbyist Artist
Yeah, I guess they'd have to employ a great deal of cunning to be any good at hiding. (though holy cow the seeker has the easiest job. :XD:)
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